Oil Readings

Ready to discover which oils want to work with you right now?

During an oil reading I tune into your energy while scanning over 80 oils to see which want to work with you now. Once I’ve picked the oils, we talk about the energetics of each and discuss how they combine to support you! I do the readings over the phone if you are in the US or Canada. Otherwise, we can use Skype. I record the reading and email it to you when we are done.

The scanning of the oils only takes a few minutes. The conversation we have after that can take 20-30 minutes as we dive into the energetics support available and discuss how that relates to your present situation.

The video below is an example!

Readings are $40. The reading fee is waived if you place an enrollment order through me for doTERRA oils. Email oilenergetics@gmail.com to get on my calendar.