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Energetics of Essential Oil Cards – Main Deck

Cards for 60 individual oils and 33 oil blends

$22.99 per deck.

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2018 Convention Oils Add On Deck

Cards for the new oils released at the 2018 convention


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Decks are also available in bulk at a discount.

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Veronica Torres, a life-long energetic sensitive, has decoded the energetic imprints of the different essential oils. Each oil carries a unique energetic signature which can be used to more fully understand the oils and their healing properties. Use this deck to choose the oils that best support your emotional and spiritual well-being.

Veronica’s process: She started with small sample bottles containing about 5 drops of each oil. She placed them all in a sack and blindly drew a random bottle. With eyes still closed, she then paid close attention to how the oil affected her body, nervous system, thoughts, feelings, breathing, etc. Those sensations were condensed into the descriptions on the cards.

Tap into your own intuition! Deck includes instructions guiding you to find your own energetic connection to essential oils!