Replay includes: 5 hours of class, class notes, and further details about how essential oils support Empaths claiming their super hero power! $35.

I just want to say it was a really helpful workshop. I absolutely really needed the tools you offered because the outside input is really breaking me down. I really felt so powerless. This really helps me to take charge of the experience!. Thank you so much! N.S., Netherlands

Veronica beautifully articulates the trials and tribulations of being an empath. Even better is the way she describes ways to overcome these challenges and embrace your empathic super powers. Through personal stories, simple and powerful tools, and a great sense of humor, Veronica assures us all that we can thrive in our sensitivity.

If you think you might be an empath this class is for you!

Stacy Newman, Energy Medicine Practitioner

It had never dawned on me that I was an empath… until you started talking about it specifically. Bad skin condition/ food sensitivities for 2 years now. HUGE lightbulb when I heard you share. What a relief (almost tears).” Kara S.

Living and THRIVING as an Empath!


Ready to use your superhero power? That’s right, being an Empath is like having a superhero power IF you know how to use it to your benefit.

How do you know if you are an Empath or if your family members are Empaths?

Some indicators:

  • Do you easily pick up on the feelings of others?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed in crowds?
  • Do you find yourself feeling strong emotions without any clear cause?
  • Do you know what your boss or kids want before they tell you?
  • Do your emotions change quickly when entering shops or gatherings?
  • Do you feel drained after talking with people about their challenges?
  • Do people tell you to “stop being so sensitive”?
  • Are you dealing with stubborn digestive, respiratory, and/or skin issues?
  • Do your friends and/or partners tend to have intense personalities?
  • As you read these questions are you thinking, “This happens to every one!” HINT: It doesn’t, but empaths tend to think it does.

It took decades of study for me to finally learn how to THRIVE as an empath.

In this class I share all the best tips and tools I’ve gathered along the way including:

  • How to clear your field.
  • How to stop picking up on the energy of others.
  • How to use your sensitivities ONLY when you want to.
  • How to stop letting other people use your nervous system.
  • How to cultivate a connection to your centered-self.
  • How to be the calm at the center of the storm.
  • How to trust your insights and ahas.
  • How to use your empathic skills in healthy ways at work, home, and in social settings.
  • How to deal with “energy vampires.”
  • How to know what you are broadcasting to the world and how to change it.
  • How to say “No” and mean it so that when you say “Yes” people can trust it.
  • How to use the fact that empaths see and sense the world differently to improve your relationships rather than create blocks in your connections.
  • How to develop your unique energy sensing language (we will use the oils for this)
  • How to use the oils for a fast and easy way to clear your energy field.

Class Fee: $35. Open to everyone.

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I would like to take the class and buy some oils, but I don’t want to get stuck having to make a monthly oil order.

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What if I already have the oils you recommend?

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What if I would rather not order oils, can I still take the class?

  • I included the oils because they are simply the MOST INCREDIBLE thing I have found to support Empaths. However, they are not the only thing. There will be plenty of things we cover in the class that won’t require the oils. You will also have the opportunity to see what we do with the oils and order them after the class if you like. So, short answer, yes, you can still take the class.

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We will be using doTERRA oils both for sensing energy and clearing your energetic field. If you would rather not purchase oils, you can still take the class. We will use the oils during the final part of the class to help you clear your energy field and to start developing your unique energy sensing language. Without the oils, you won’t be able to interact during that part, but you will still have a chance to learn the tools.

The oils we will use during the class are: (wholesale prices listed)

Suggested additional oils for energy clearing:

Suggested additional oils for energy sensing:

ready to sign up

  • You ALREADY have a doTERRA account
  • OR you have oils from another company
  • OR you wish to access the replay without using the oils

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If you want to open a doTERRA account to order the oils at the lowest price, contact me.

Here’s a video of me talking more about the class!